About Us

INTERFINE GLOBAL AGENCY LIMITED is a dynamic and innovative agency that specializes in SM management, A&R, music distribution,SEM marketing, digital marketing, event activations, branding and profiling, and media marketing. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and build successful brands.

In addition to these core services, INTERFINE GLOBAL AGENCY LIMITED may also offer additional services such as:

-Artist management

-Tour management

-Merchandise sales

-Sponsorship and endorsement deals

-Legal services

-Financial planning and management

Our Core Values

What Our Clients Say

My media tour was well taken care of . I had a humble time under the hands of Interfine Team
Diana Laizer
I was fascinated on how Interfine handles uprising brands , they make you feel as a star already .
Interfine work ethic is just something else , an agency that understand their work
Roberto Zambia
I love how timely Interfines team are , that was a plus
Gigy Money